Canyon View Trail

A Favourite Trail


This is my absolute favourite local trail, all year long. The John Hart Generation Station of Highway 28 is where you will find the trailhead. Capture this, beautiful Campbell River rushing by you, a color pallet of varies greens, in the Fall the spawning salmon.

You may be thinking but there are plenty of local hikes/walks & running terrain that are great in CR, Ripple Rock and Beaver Lodge Lands, to name a few. Yes, you could argue these are JUST AS GOOD, if not better. I completely understand, but not everyone has the time now days to get sufficient exercise, at least I don’t.

If I am not biking Beaver Lodge Lands you will find me at Canyon View because this trail can be easily hiked, or some fitness enthusiast run it. It is fast, (less than an hour) and the inclines get your heart rate up, but its not too hard, you can bring the kids along. Not to mention its wide enough where you are not feeling crammed walking past others on the trail. It’s tempting to capture the gorgeous scenery and its easy to pull off to the side and take some fantastic shots, especially of the new strikingly beautiful totem poles.

So go, check it out for yourself, or add this to your work out routine, the 80-foot Canyon walkway is awaiting your footsteps.