Legend of the Big Rock - Campbell River, BC

Quite obviously positioned on the rocky shores of the beach along the Rotary Sea-walk, two kilometres south of the downtown core of Campbell River, rests the “Big Rock”. This forty foot tall monolith is the proprietor of numerous local First Nations cultural legends in relation to its origin. The scientific explanation is that Big Rock is an erratic, which was embedded in an iceberg during the last ice age and was carried to its present location where it was deposited.

The Largest of All Grizzlies

The first fable purports that in ancient history scores of grizzly bears yearned to travel to Vancouver Island, in search of greener grass, but alas the waters were treacherous and the distance too great to swim. The Great Spirit decreed that if a grizzly could stride to the island in one leap without touching the water it would be granted permission to live there, but if the great bear lay a foot or hand in the water the great bear would turn to stone.

The bravest of all grizzlies was selected and without fear leaped across the channel, but alas the tide was to strong and he had miscalculated the distance and his back paw come to rest in a small tidal pool. Hence the largest of all grizzlies was transformed into the enormous boulder that is known as the Big Rock today.

The Mink and the Whale

The second legend is of “Mink and the Whale”. Mink was a young First Nations boy who was swallowed by a huge whale while on a fishing trip approaching Mitlenatch
Island. In an effort to free himself, Mink managed to kill the whale which caused the whale to beach itself. In punishment for eating the small boy the Whale community transformed him into a huge boulder to remind all whales and humans for a millennium to practise respect for one another, the rock is now known as “Big Rock”.

Article and photo taken from https://gocampbellriver.com/category/about-campbell-river/campbell-river-legends-folklore/

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