Miracle Beach Provincial Park


Miracle Beach, located halfway between the City of Campbell River and the Comox Valley, features a popular, accessible sandy beach which faces Mitlenatch Island.  Access is gained from on Miracle Beach Road at Miracle Beach Mini Golf. Follow the signs to the shoreline. 


[Tide Flats at Miracle Beach Provincial Park in Black Creek ~BC, Vancouver Island]

Huge tidal flats stretch for miles north and south of the park entrance. Miracle Beach has great opportunities for building sand castles, exploring tidal pools and examining the ancient breakwater that is home to a multitude of inter-tidal life.  A whole day could be spent exploring or relaxing and enjoying the sun.

During the summer months interpretive programs are hosted by the BC Parks staff at Miracle Beach.  In the past an excellent Jerry Ranger Program has been presented, which includes a series of interactive short courses for kids.

Examples of programs provided

The History Hound:  Miracle Beach, has a story all its own; come learn about Miracle Beach’s unique history, how it got its name and the low down on where forest critters love to hang out.

Recycler:  He may be slow, he may be slimy, but this little forest creature is a top recycler.  Find out what makes slugs so great for our forests and answer the question that has puzzled many a park Naturalist for years, “If four slugs were to race against each other, would there be a winner?”

Fungus among Us: Friends, Foes and Food:  Find out where a fungus lives in the park, and learn how fungus might be nearer to you than you think.

In addition to the interpretive programs there are washroom facilities, plentiful parking, trails throughout the old growth forest, picnic tables, BBQ pits, a children’s play park, a covered group BBQ enclosure and an excellent interpretive center. There is also the Miracle Beach Provincial campsite and a number of