The Haunting of the Heriot Bay Inn - Quadra Island

The Inn was built in late 1894, in the sheltered cove of Drew Harbour on the east coast of Quadra Island. The protected waters of the harbour and easy access by boat insured that the Heriot Bay Inn would quickly become a popular hub for loggers, fisherman, prospectors and settlers who congregated from the entire central and North Island region.

At the turn of the century, law and order was thin on the northern reaches of the district, the population was largely transient, the land was largely crude and un-colonized, and life was harsh and unrelenting. Stories of outlaws and murder were not rare and the dispensing of justice was sluggish owing to the distances, elements and hardships in preserving solid evidence.

At that time, the Heriot Bay Inn was a principal drinking location for dozens of lonely men whose only respite from long stretches of hard work in isolation was to drink themselves silly, play a few games of cards or pool and carouse with the local women (if there happen to be any).

A Body Never Found

It was a typical Saturday night and the patrons of the pub weren’t’t any drunker than they Haunting of the Heriot Bay Innnormally would have been. A bar room brawl broke out between an unknown logger and a few other better known but elusive transient fishermen; the skirmish was quickly dispensed out of doors to keep the damage to a minimum inside the pub.

There is no account of what happened after the fight was taken outside but it was rumored that the lone logger, who was never to be seen again perished that night, he never went back to his room and his body was never found. It was the buzz that his body was buried in a vacant lot close to the Inn.

Since then and on frequent intervals, the lone logger walks the corridors of the Inn, he is not particular as to how many people hear him and his activities are varied and reported to be somewhat noisy.

A prodigious number of people over the past 100 years have heard or seen this tall thin man, wearing old style rather worn out Standfield long johns with suspenders and logger type falling pants overtop ankle high top steel toed style boots.

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