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windows  Deciding to Sell Your Property

This is the time to educate yourself on market conditions, what things can you do to make your home selling experience easier and more profitable, what costs are involved and how does the whole process work.

Real estate practices, costs and legalities have all gotten more complex over the years. It is important that you have good advice throughout the sales process, from before it is even listed to the day you move on to your next residence.

Make sure you are ready both financially and emotionally and make sure your house is ready too!

Heather would be happy to help – there is no obligation on your part for an initial consultation.

Deciding to Sell Your Campbell River Property

windows  The Right Agent Makes all the Difference

To get the best possible price, in the least amount of time and with a minimum of inconvenience, a skilled agent is a vital part of your marketing success. You can be assured that you will be in good hands; when you consider Heather Parker’s proven track record and experience with nearly 900  listings successfully sold.

Experience matters and a well-developed instinct,counts too.

Heather has a comprehensive and strategic marketing plan which will make the entire process much easier and keep you informed from beginning to end.  Find out more!

windows  Prepare Your Home for Sale

Now that you are financially and emotionally ready, is your home ready to show itself off?

View your home through the eyes of the buyer and ask yourself what would you expect? Clean uncluttered open spaces are what is popular today. And remember…… how you live in a home and how you sell a home are two different things.

Heather will provide you the services of a staging professional, so that you will have the easiest and best possible results.

She has  found that people who live active lives with children or pets can greatly be assisted because the staging professional can focus on having your house set up to be quickly “show ready” with minimal disruption to your family’s lives.

Prepare Your Home for Sale

windows  It’s Time to Show it Off!

When everything is in place; Heather will list your property and start working our marketing magic.

Digital marketing is of the utmost importance, after all, everyone is online.

She hires the best professionals to ensure that your home is well presented . Great photography, easy to read floorplans and virtual tours are some examples. Presentation, good descriptive language, and a well thought out marketing program is key.

You can expect Heather to follow up on all showing activity and provide you feedback in a timely manner, meet you for regularly scheduled in person consultations, and be available for ongoing communications by phone, email, or text.

For more information on what Heather does, give her a call at 250-202-8200.

She would love to meet you.




It’s Time to Show it Off!

windows  Facilitating the Sale

We are here for you from start to finish, every step of the way.


This is the time when expertise and good communication skills really count. It is our job to make sure we clearly understand your priorities so that we can work in your best interests, help you through this process and reduce the stressors as much as possible.


Generally, your buyer has conditions on the contract of purchase and sale. The buyer has a pre-determined amount of time to arrange their financing, home inspection, house insurance, etc. We continue to be proactive for you during this stage, following up with the selling agent to ensure details are handled in a timely manner and assist with solving any potential issues. We also keep other agents who may inquire on behalf of another buyer fully informed as to the status (but not the details) of the accepted offer during the process.


Yes, you should celebrate. It is a special day. There is still paperwork to be done and we co-ordinate with your real estate lawyer or notary to get it complete. We will also help you prepare for moving day. Providing gentle reminders of all those little things that need to get done before the moving truck arrives.

Facilitating the Sale

windows  Moving Forward

The successful completion of your property; today title will transfer to the new owner(s). This is the final step, and your boxes are packed. We have already negotiated the dates and times that work best for you.

Understandably, you might feel overwhelmed, therefore, if time permits, we book a complimentary house cleaning for you! We love making our clients lives easier. A walk through with us to make sure nothing has been missed, a final goodbye to your former home and you hand us the keys to pass on to the new owner.

You won’t need to worry at this point, we liaison with the buyer’s agent to make sure everything is handled professionally. You hop in your car and away you go to your next phase of life, a new residence, or new adventures. Every seller’s story is different.

This may be a bittersweet moment, for you and us. We will miss you, but this does not mean goodbye. You are part of our most treasured group – our former clients. You can expect to hear from us from time to time. Don’t worry though, we won’t do spam. A semi-annual newsletter, a friendly note in the mail, or a phone call just to check in.

family unpacking moving in boxes from truck
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